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A Little about PEI ... a Verdant Island Paradise
PEI is the smallest province in Canada having a population of 140,000. We receive up to a million visitors each year and have a healthy tourism industry. The island is quite agrarian and features rolling hills and green, grassy vistas. We have a long coastline due to our many inlets and other waterways and as a result there is a large amount of reasonably priced waterfront PEI real estate.

The PEI real estate market is a consistent performer. PEI real estate offers great opportunities to get into home ownership due to PEI real estate being some of the least expensive in the country. While the PEI real estate market affords the novice real estate purchaser an easy access stepping stone to owning real estate there are still many higher-end PEI real estate properties available.
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2632 Freetown Road Springfield C0B1M0

2632 Freetown Road
Springfield C0B1M0

5 bedrooms
$ 427,500

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254 Murphy Road Clermont C0B1M0

254 Murphy Road
Clermont C0B1M0

3 bedrooms
$ 389,900

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433 Princetown Road Grahams Road C0B1M0

433 Princetown Road
Grahams Road C0B1M0

4 bedrooms
$ 549,900

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135 Maple Ridge Road North Granville C0A1E0

135 Maple Ridge Road
North Granville C0A1E0

4 bedrooms
$ 425,000

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49 Sandhillview Drive Stanley Bridge C0B1M0

49 Sandhillview Drive
Stanley Bridge C0B1M0

2 bedrooms
$ 159,900

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52 Woodleigh Kensington C0B1M0

52 Woodleigh
Kensington C0B1M0

3 bedrooms
$ 189,900

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53 Leyte Road South Pinette C0A1B0

53 Leyte Road
South Pinette C0A1B0

3 bedrooms
$ 249,900


Read more about the PEI Real Estate Market

You can free up thousands of dollars of your current home equity by moving to PEI and investing in PEI real estate.

PEI real estate is amongst the lowest priced property in Canada. You can sell a home almost anywhere else in Canada and move to PEI, purchasing a PEI home and depending on the equity you have built up in your current home either live mortgage free or use the money to invest either in conventional financial instruments or invest in a second property here and enter the PEI real estate rental market – become a landlord. Either way your retirement security is better guaranteed than staying in the area you are currently and have your money tied up in your family home which by now you will most likely have outgrown.

To give you an idea of the amount of re-investable equity you may have tied up, this is a table of home prices across the country. Compare the average with the cost of PEI real estate. PEI homes are very much less expensive than most parts of the country. As of 2009 these are average home prices by province from CREA.

British Columbia                    $699,000
Alberta                             $400,000
Ontario                             $517,000
Saskatchewan                        $291,000
Quebec                              $303,000
Newfoundland / Labrador             $245,000
Manitoba                            $284,000
Nova Scotia                         $228,000
New Brunswick                       $174,000
Prince Edward Island                $193,000

As you can see PEI real estate is the bottom of the pack in terms of price, but not in terms of value. The difference in price between a home in Vancouver and a PEI home can be $500,000. Let’s just look at this in the most simplistic way. If you owned your Vancouver home you could buy a comparable PEI Home as well as 2 to 3 other pieces of PEI real estate, PEI homes that could generate rents of $1800 – $2400 per month which represents a good income based on being mortgage free. Obviously the advantage a PEI real estate investment can bring you depends on where you currently call home and the amount of equity you have built up over the years you have owned your home.

In any case you should call Matt Mackay, your PEI realtor for information on Summerside and the PEI real estate market and he will help you determine if this plan will suit you!

Business or Pleasure – It’s your Choice.

The tourism industry here on PEI creates a PEI real estate investment opportunity that can be tailored to suit your goals and lifestyle. In both cases you are using your PEI real estate investment to provide accomodation for the million or so visitors that PEI receives annually. However these scenarios involve the purchase of quite vastly different PEI real estate and require very different levels of expertise and commitment.

Probably the simplest choice when it comes to investing in PEI real estate for tourism accomodation is to choose to purchase a small cottage, preferably on the waterfront. There is some very nice PEI waterfront real estate and it is still affordable when compared to other areas such as Chester in Nova Scotia. Cottages and Summer Homes start from under $100,000 and can go up to a half million for a truly high end PEI real estate investment. At the higher end range these are truly amazing waterfront homes that would cost in excess of a million dollars anywhere else. Your PEI real estate investment property, regardless of price, is there to be used during the season by yourself and your family and when not in use can be rented to other vactioners. You can have a property management company look after your PEI property and ensure that it is maintained and readied for new guests.

If you are thinking of moving to PEI or living here for a larger part of the year and have some experience or at least a strong desire to succeed in the hospitality industry you could consider running a B&B. When purchasing PEI real estate with the intention of operating a B&B you will have to decide on relative size as this will influence the type of PEI real estate you invest in for your project. As well you will need to decide if you are looking for an existing B&B or if you will purchase a PEI home to convert. You will also need to decide country or city location. Many of the larger heritage homes to be found in Summerside are good PEI real estate investments and excellent for conversion to B&Bs. You can ask Matt Mackay of Century21 Summerside, your PEI realtor for help.

The Bed and Breakfast provides a unique opportunity to meet people from all over the world during the summer while having a relaxing off-season and the opportunity to work from home as well as a chance to benefit from investment in PEI real estate.

Generating income and equity concurrently.

Most PEI real estate purchasers are expecting a return on investment. This is usually in the form of a capital or equity gain as a direct result of the PEI real estate markets continued growth. It is expected that all real estate markets will continue to grow; however the PEI real estate market offers a unique balance between growth and security. Our properties may evaluate slightly slower than in ‘hotter’ markets but the PEI real estate market is also not so prone to sudden, large losses as we have seen in some areas recently. PEI real estate is a slower, more stable real estate investment and as such is very attractive to both the new and the conservative investor.

There are a number of possible types of PEI real estate that lend themselves to rental or conversion to rentals. You can purchase small starter homes and with minor repairs and upgrades rent these units. These PEI homes are under $100,000 and typically under $80,000 and they are a sector of the PEI real estate market that is often overlooked by home buyers. With a little TLC these PEI homes can represent a great PEI real estate investment generating a positive cash flow. Most PEI homes of this type are to be found in the city and Summerside has a large number of these properties. Summerside homes will most likely rent more quickly than similar PEI real estate in the country, but there are deals to be had on PEI home purchases suitable for rental in smaller communities such as Miscouche.

In addition to the small starter PEI homes available in Summerside, the city also boasts duplexes that offer good income and equity building. Summerside has both side-by-side duplexes as well as over-under types. Summerside also offers large heritage homes built during the fox industry by the scions of Summerside. These examples of PEI real estate and architecture at its finest have in many cases been converted to apartments and there are many of these large PEI homes in Summerside that are still awaiting conversion. The savvy PEI real estate investor may look to this type of PEI property as an excellent long and short term investment and business.

Whatever you choice of rental market here on PEI you are sure to find that the PEI real estate market offers opportunity for everyone. From small starter rentals to large heritage home conversion, Summerside and the PEI real estate market will start you on your way to real estate investment.

Matching the needs of your family with the PEI real estate marketplace.

The purchase of a family home is by far the most important purchase you will make and certainly the biggest investment. PEI offers a great place to raise your family but PEI real estate also provides for a great long-term real estate investment and your PEI real estate purchase will represent a secure investment for you and your family in the future as well.

When purchasing your new home the PEI real estate market offers choice of location, type of home, and price range. You should begin by determining your budget, that is how much money you can afford to pay monthly and then work back to determine the maximum price you can afford to pay for your new home and PEI real estate. Next you can puruse the listings to the right here based on the aspect of the PEI real estate market you have determined you can afford and also the area of PEI that you wish to settle in. Each area on PEI has a different feel, different homes and properties and represents a different perspective of the PEI real estate market. When deciding what PEI homes to shortlist you will take into consideration country vs city living, schools, community facilities and commuting costs.

The purchase of PEI real estate requires the involvement of a number of professionals in the real estate industry. Firstly you will most likely need a PEI realtor and Matt Mackay and the Century21 team have decades of experience that he/they can bring to your aid when negotiating a PEI real estate purchase. Your PEI realtor will take the list of ‘must-haves’ and ‘would-be-nice’ features that you will have made and with the help of the PEI MLS system complete your short-list of PEI real estate properties that you wish to visit. He/she will then arrange that you visit each PEI real estate property so that you get a first hand experience of the PEI homes that are in your budget. When you have decided on the PEI real estate listing on which you wish to make an offer your PEI realtor will write up your offer and present it to the vendors agent. The ensuing negotiation will be conducted with the help of your PEI realtor to a conclusion at which time you will have an accepted offer or fail to agree to terms.

Your PEI real estate contract will most likely include a clause allowing for a home inspection and if this stage shows no major deficiencies with the PEI real estate property that you have choosen you will move to closing. Closing involves calculating outstanding costs (such as oil in the tank, pre-paid taxes etc) and transfer of title. You will have a PEI lawyer work on this final step.

Your PEI home purchase is complete and you have just entered the PEI real estate and property market.

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